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1/12/09 06:57 pm

I need new music. I think I am becoming "old" in that I somehow don't know about music anymore, except for what I know up to this point. Which is almost okay because I love nineties "alternative" music. But I am taking suggestions- as obvious as they may seem to you- tell me!

I'm trying to make work. I am like a dead plant though.

I hate getting addicted to online word games.

I hate cleaning and no one notices!

1/5/09 12:42 pm - Arugula, sala greens & radishes are currently in season.

Originally uploaded by pinkbeatrice
I want to see MILK at 2:30. I might go alone. I thought Brian and I could go together but he is snoozing & losing. Has anyone seen MILK?

I have an interview at the co-op tomorrow afternoon. I HOPE that they have some space & love for me. I am terrible during the interview process. I might as well go in dressed in ill-fitting flare jeans with a bleached out bum and thighs, a BUM equipment sweatshirt and a pair of LA Gears or K Swiss, because that would be the physical embodiment of my finesse during an interview. It would be superfine to work there because food is mostly all I spend $ on and they have the finest produce. I wonder if they will quiz me on my food knowledge!

My mind feels kind of barfy and tan. I need a friend like gingerale... someone fizzy and uplifting. They can come over for tea. Because if I had a friend who actually came over for tea I would use some nice tea cups and teapot.

I'm lonely, I'm mister lonely, wish I had someone to calll on the phoooone...

11/8/08 04:06 pm - Itchy!

Hello. I am currently fighting off the itchiness which has attacked the webs of my fingers, wrists and thighs. I have this rash, which looks like tiny little blisters, and I have no idea why. I thought I may have developed an allergy to something?

ANYWAY. For Christmas presents I am thinking of making planners. Kind of in the same vein as the Little Otsu planners, but with my own handwriting / drawings. Doesn't seem too complicated, make the pages, photocopy them, and get the covers laminated? But if you guys have any suggestions, as far as tips for making them, things you like to see in a planner, size recommendations, etc- I would love it and I will send you one when I am done!


5/2/08 06:07 pm - To All the San Franciscans.

Thank you for offering your homes to my man.

He is arriving Sunday. He will be there until the next Sunday.
If you can offer up any of these nights for him to stay with you-
let me know! He can't stay where there is kitties.
He won't be a bother-- he will just need a place to crash at night.

If you can help out- please e.mail me at pinkbeatrice@gmail.com

I will mail you a package of goodies as a thanks.

4/22/08 09:44 pm - For all those San Franciscans...

who kindly & graciously offered up their couches to my boyfriend...

do any of you have cats?

i will be getting back to you this week on the possibilities of having a lanky boy on your couch.


4/14/08 09:16 am - BLOG

I started a BLOG.


4/6/08 09:57 pm - SAN FRANCISCO TREAT

Hello. My boyfriend has 2 art shows opening the same weekend of May in San Fran.
He needs to be there early to install both. If any of you people are from or
know any chill people in SF who wouldn't mind putting him up for a night or a few
nights that would be a-mazing. He is super not creepy. Hah. And would basically
only be there to sleep and would be at the gallery for most of the day. He is
very friendly and personable. Let me know if you can think of anything-- or any cheap
places for him to lodge!

3/22/08 11:28 pm

2/1/08 10:28 am - who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Has anyone seen the commercials for the cookies that help you lose weight?
There's actually a line in the commercial that says,
"eat cookies, lose weight!"
Like, seriously, what the f is wrong with people?

1/10/08 03:52 pm - Etsy

I am slowly uploading treats to my Etsy site.
This site is so big, does anyone have hints or tips
on how to get out there? That AshleyG girl sells,
like, bucketloads a day...

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